Child porn found on cell phone

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Lewisburg man is charged with sexual exploitation of a minor, according to an indictment issued by Marshall County's grand jury last month.

Christopher M. Wheeler, 27, of 7th Avenue South, faces the 20-count indictment. Each count alleges a separate image displayed on Wheeler's cell phone, Lewisburg Police Detective James Johnson said.

Each image showed "a minor female engaged in sexual activity," Johnson wrote in warrants issued for Wheeler. The images had titles like "preteen," "Little 1," and "preteens playing with each other."

Asked if any of the images might be recognized, the detective said, "They were not local; not that we could find."

Confiscation of Wheeler's phone was a result of cooperative police work between uniformed and plain-clothes officers.

"We got a complaint from another agency... regarding possible inappropriate activity on the phone," Johnson explained. "When patrol officers came in contact with him they asked for and got consent to look and that's when I picked it up."

Wheeler was arrested on Jan. 7. He remains jailed in lieu of $140,000 bond. Circuit Court Judge Robert Crigler appointed the Public Defender's Office to represent Wheeler.

Also indicted by the grand jury that met last month was Donald Dewayne King, 30, of Woodlawn Avenue. He drew a four-count indictment - two counts of violation of the sex offender registry law and two counts of violating his community supervision for life order - because he moved to a new address within a prohibited daycare zone and failed to register it with his probation officer. King remains jailed. His original crime, in 2006, was attempted aggravated sexual battery.

Several defendants were indicted on drug charges.

* Ryan Keith Givens, 29, of 4th Avenue North, was indicted on charges of sale and delivery of crack cocaine and marijuana to a confidential informant working for the 17th Judicial District Drug Task Force on April 6, 2010. A separate indictment charges Givens with driving on a suspended license. Givens is defended by attorney Ray Fraley of Fayetteville who has already moved to suppress the evidence found when Givens and his vehicle were searched. Fraley's motion states that the agents of the 17th JDDTF did not have probable cause to stop Givens, thus rendering the search illegal and the evidence inadmissible.

* Robert W. Webb, 40, of Walnut Street, has two indictments. One is for simple possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia, but the other is a four-count indictment charging conspiracy to sell cocaine, possession of cocaine with intent to sell and deliver, and delivery of cocaine. Webb is defended by Kelly Wilson.

The person with whom Webb is alleged to have conspired is Berry Brandon Darnell, 29, of Pulaski. According to the warrant written by Agent Tim Miller, Darnell told him "he was selling cocaine on behalf of Robert Webb."

* Darnell received a three-count indictment, charging him with conspiracy to sell cocaine, and possession of cocaine with intent to sell and deliver.

* Zachary Q. Baker, 21, of Fairlane Drive, was indicted on charges of selling and delivering "Ecstasy" tablets in a drug-free school zone, as well as sale and delivery of marijuana. Baker is represented by attorney John S. Colley III of Columbia, who appeared for him at arraignment and entered a "not guilty" plea.

* Jason Dean Kelley, 34, of Culleoka, was indicted on two counts: initiation of the process of manufacturing methamphetamine and purchase of ingredients for the manufacture of methamphetamine.

* Robert David Hargrove, 39, of Bob Cheek Road, was indicted on what is alleged to be his fifth offense of driving under the influence, as well as speeding.

* Gregory L. Vincion, 39, of Nashville Highway, was indicted for driving after being declared a habitual motor vehicle offender, as well as a fourth DUI, driving on a revoked license, and violation of the implied consent law.

* John Mark Gold, 51, of Gold Road, was indicted in December on charges related to driving after having been declared HMVO. In February, he was indicted on the additional charge of failure to appear because he missed a scheduled court date.

Indictment does not mean a person is guilty. That's determined by a guilty plea or by a trial.