Confehr: 'Tis the season of the witch of spring

Friday, March 25, 2011

The civil war in Libya is bad enough, but just ask anyone in the Nashville basin this spring and they'll say yes to the following questions.

* Is there an invading force of Polonesians attacking the little tiny Phlemish people in the nether regions below your eyes and in your nose?

"Heck, yeah. It's like the Bird of Paradise flew up my nose and left more than bed feathers."

* Have those scallywags - the Mucusah tribe of slime balls - been wreaking havoc in the back of your mouth making it dry and causing dumb sentences?

"Gwalk, hack, yesh. Some paradoxical byrd's nested under the roof of my mouth and it commutes to and from the worm factory to feed an ugly chick."

* Are you on drugs to suppress the ill effects of pollen in your nasal cavities, restrict the drainage of mucus down the back of your throat and permit normal tear duct functions?

"Huh? I feel dizzy."

Spring fever aside, there's been plenty of pollination of ideas around town.


City Planning Commission Chairman Jim Bingham's imaginary tour of local attractions has every indication that the ideas may come to fruition. Marketing the old Murray Horse farm pastures to develop the local economy has advocates. Most notably, Lewisburg is seen as a good place for the soon-to-be homeless Tennessee Walking Horse Museum since Jack Daniel's distillery owners want their Lyjnchburg building back.

Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors' Association Executive Director Ron Thomas reports TWHBEA is studying the idea. County commissioners on Monday appear likely to endorse the idea of finding a place in Lewisburg for the documents and memorabilia.

But, the question is "where?"

Here are suggestions posed as questions.

Wouldn't it be a good idea to take on a partner? Did you know that the City of Franklin bought Harlinsdale, one of the famous Walking Horse farms in Middle Tennessee? Do you know what Franklin's Parks and Recreation Department plans to do with the farm that's, so far, been largely a passive park?

Franklin bought the Harlin family farm for $8 million about six years ago and it includes several buildings. If TWHBEA doesn't have space at its building on North Ellington Parkway, could Harlinsdale be a prospective storage place?

The original TWHBEA building on East Commerce Street is seen as a suitable location for the documents, memorabilia, photos and various objects regarding walking horses. The building is privately owned, so someone - presumably a community leader on the liaison committee between city planners and the community development panel - would have to approach the owner; that is, IF the building is determined to be the logical place for a walking horse museum.

One side of Rock Creek - at the foot of Murray farmland - is where Goats Music & More will be held next October. Yes, it will happen, according to a City Hall source.

Why not hold a Lewisburg Walking Horse Show there?

It could happen, but someone has to take the reins and ride with it.

Someone who can stand hayfever.

These views are the author's and not necessarily reflective of the Tribune's views.