Bald barber begs a question

Friday, April 1, 2011

FARMINGTON -- There's a new barber in this town that's not too far from the Bedford County line but not closer to the Wheel Community east of here.

Bruce D'Amico is the barber. He and his wife, Gretchen, opened the County Line Barber Shop just north of White's Store. Jerry White is their landlord. Gretchen runs the tanning salon.

The D'Amicos live in Chapel Hill, so they drive south to work, but he moved north from Florida.

"Florida is a great place to run away to and vacation, but I was getting itchy," the barber said. "And it's overpriced and crowded and I wanted to live in a place where you can talk to people."

His lease with White was sealed with a handshake, and "That's exactly the kind of thing that brought me to Tennessee. That would never happen in Florida.

D'Amico learned to cut hair while working as a prop manager in the movie business. Previously, he worked at his family's restaurant. Now, he's opened a new chapter in his life with a new wife, and an independent business that's to expand into an entertainment venue.

While strumming his ukulele last weekend, D'Amico said people ask, "'What do you know about cutting hair? You're bald.'

"Well," he continued, "what about a male gynecologist, or an optometrist who doesn't wear glasses?"

As for why the barber is bald, well, ask him. He keeps fairly regular hours.