Attempted murder charged

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 ~ Updated 8:32 AM

A Lewisburg woman was in critical condition at Vanderbilt University Medical Center on Monday and her former boy friend was in Marshall County General Sessions Court on Tuesday since he's been charged with attempted murder.

Ryan Robert Haase, 34, of 434 David Ave., is being held without bond in the county jail because he allegedly "threw boiling cooking grease onto [his victim's] face and chest while she lay in bed," Lewisburg Police Detective Sgt. David Henley said Monday.

The 23-year-old woman "was able to run from the residence to a neighbor's home where police and emergency medical services were called," Henley said of the 9-1-1 call made at about 2:30 a.m. Monday.

Haase and the woman were living together at 434 David Ave., in Lewisburg, which is where the assault occurred and where the two "were apparently in the middle of splitting up," Henley said. The woman "received life-threatening" injuries.

"She was asleep from what we can gather," the detective sergeant said. "We're still sorting out (the motive and exact circumstances) and going by what we can gather on our own.

"She's medically incapacitated," Henley said, describing the "boiling cooking grease" container as like "a large pot of grease like in a deep fryer."

Haase made a statement against his best interest after being advised of his rights, Henley said.

Asked if it was a confession, the sergeant replied, "Yes. You could take it that way."

Lewisburg Police Patrol Officer Clyde Ragsdale was the first lawman on the scene; responded to the initial report with the county's Emergency Medical Service to the scene. Detective Scott Braden is the lead detective on this case. Henley, Braden and Detective James Johnson "executed a search warrant" on Monday at the David Avenue house.

"This investigation is ongoing and further information will be released as warranted," Henley said, adding that with all crimes, the Police Department appreciates the public's continued support.

"Anyone with information relating to this or any other crime," he said, "please call Crime Stoppers at 359-4867 or the Lewisburg Police Criminal Investigations Division at 359-3800."

The department continues to investigate the robbery of First Farmers Bank late last year on Ellington Parkway, and the shooting death of a Lewisburg man at his residence just off West Commerce Street at the old Fox Motel.