Telephone solicitors overreaching during calls about L'burg FD

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Telephone solicitors are calling Marshall County residents saying a benefit will be held for the Lewisburg Fire Department, but the chief says it isn't so.

To make matters worse, Chief Larry Williams said, "They're doing it at the same time we've mailed out our fire prevention letters to businesses requesting support for our program to educate the public on fire safety."

Phone calls are being made on behalf of the Fire Association, Williams said. That group sponsors training programs for firefighters, the chief said. He's not criticizing that effort, but what's being told to county residents is a problem.

"Solicitors are saying they're doing a fundraiser for the Fire Association," Williams said. "It's a good program, but they're saying that this is a program to support the Lewisburg Fire Department and that's not so. Lewisburg Fire Department will get no money from donations resulting from those calls.

"We don't conduct but two programs," Williams said.

One is to educate the public on fire safety.

"It puts programs in schools throughout Marshall County, for children in grades K-6," he said. "We've been doing this for years and the businesses are aware of our program.

"The second is called 'Fill the Boot' to raise money to combat muscular dystrophy."