Letter to the Editor

Letters: Officials need to get rid of their own agendas

Friday, April 29, 2011

To the editor:

I just finished reading the April 20 edition of the Tribune and it has left me wondering about a couple of issues discussed there.

First, when is the Marshall County Board of Education going to get by their personal agendas and work with the Schools Director, whom they elected, to serve the education of the children of this county? It was my impression that this is what they are to focus on in the first place.

I feel, along with others, that Mr. Dukes was, and is, the person for the job. I wonder about Ms. Kennedy's agenda and the reasons behind it. Are they going to waste more county money buying out another contract just so board members' egos and prejudices can be satisfied?

Another issued that I want to comment on is the cemetery issue. My wife and I recently drove through Lone Oak Cemetery to visit graves of friends and loved ones and we were impressed by how beautiful and uncluttered the cemetery is. Why not keep it that way? Does our city council not have anything better to do than quibble over this when there are more important issues to be concentrating on, such as building up the economy and putting people back to work?

Just more musings from a wondering mind.

Larry Hastings


To the editor:

Front page of the paper - more drama about the school board.

Any company or business - that has people working in it who are getting paid by people's tax dollars - should have to answer to everything, especially since we have already been informed that there is a discrepancy in the accounting of the funds.

It makes me laugh to even think that the leadership of Lewisburg would allow anybody or anyone to not have to share anything that has to do with our tax dollars, especially if funds are missing. Even if it means judges.

Lewisburg, let's get some character.

Shelly Reed