Election 2013: Davis probably won't run; McRady to campaign

Friday, April 29, 2011

Even before Lewisburg's May 3 election in two wards, it would appear that current events have affected the city election on the first Tuesday in May 2013.

Councilman Hershel Davis has indicated that he probably won't be running for re-election in two years. After a recent council meeting with extensive public comment on cemetery rules, he was asked if he thought he'd run for re-election.

"Probably not," Davis replied when asked on the front porch of City Hall.

When asked why, he said, "I've got too much age on me."

Davis also serves as chairman of the city's Water and Wastewater Board, a panel that's faced recurring questions on why residents are charged for sewer service when they're not connected to the sewerage system. Sewer rates are charged based on how much water is purchased. If a building is close enough for a sewer connection, then the water customer is charged for the availability of sewer service even if there's no sewer tap because there's a working septic tank that shows no likelihood of failure.

Meanwhile, Councilman Ronald McRady was asked the same question -- would he be running for re-election?

"Absolutely," McRady replied with a determination that left no doubt about his intention.

McRady was asked after one of the recent council meetings when residents provided public comments about rules on decorating graves in city-owned cemeteries. McRady has been defending an ordinance that changed rules of city-owned cemeteries with regard to how graves may be decorated, among other regulations.

Lewisburg residents have traditionally had Decoration Day in conjunction with Mother's Day and the recurrence of spring has frequently had an annual display of peonies in Lone Oak Cemetery.

While Davis has been the oldest member of the council for at least three years, he is now the member of the city council who is the longest serving councilman.

McRady was elected two years ago and Councilman Quinn Brandon Stewart was elected almost four years ago, now. Councilman Odie Whitehead Jr. was elected to his first full four-year term in 2009, but he'd been appointed to serve the unexpired term of Ronald Robinson. Mayor Barbara Woods was elected in 2009 to a four-year term. She succeeded Bob Phillips who served three terms as mayor.

Woods has not indicated whether she plans to run or re-election. Whitehead wasn't asked. McRady is running in the May 2013 election. Stewart has announced she will move from her ward and therefore won't run for re-election.