Letter to the Editor

Letter: Board member seeks excellence

Friday, May 6, 2011

To the editor:

Rather than addressing his concern directly to me, a citizen of Marshall County recently chose this forum to question my agenda as a school board member and to presume that "egos and prejudices" were the basis for my actions on that board.

For the record, my agenda is as follows.

I want an exemplary school system in which teachers can teach and students can learn in a way that will make our graduates competitive.

I want school employees who are empowered and then allowed to do their jobs with the clear understanding that they will be applauded for their successes but held accountable for their deficiencies.

I want the taxpayers of Marshall County to have faith that we are doing everything we can to spend their money prudently and with firm resolve to ensure that they are getting a great value for their investment.

Simply put, I want a school system that we can all be proud of.

Any other questions?

Call me. I'm in the book.

Barbara Kennedy