More jobs coming to Lewisburg

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Twelve to 15 jobs are coming to Lewisburg this summer as a business based in Phoenix, Ariz., continues to grow, according to discussion heard at the city's Industrial Development Board meeting on Monday.

Christian Brands, the business that moved its call center, shipping and receiving operation to Lewisburg's Business Park, is constructing a new building for Creed Jewelry, a manufacturer destined to move here from Massachusetts, the city's industrial developer, Greg Lowe, said.

IDB Chairman Eddie Wiles introduced Joseph Cameron to the board during the panel's monthly luncheon meeting in City Hall. Cameron said he's been employed since May of 1996 by the manufacturer of rosaries, rosary centers, crucifixes, charms, rings and similar Christian jewelry.

Christian Brands has acquired Creed Rosary Manufacturing of Wrentham, Mass. where Cameron has worked as a press operator and, as the business adjusted to current economic circumstances, he's effectively been a supervisor at the plant for the century-old business, said Cameron. He's been in town to consider the move.

In February 2010 candle making was restarted here by Will & Baumer, an historic business that moved from Syracuse, N.Y. Christian Brands, previously known as Autom, purchased Will & Baumer in January 2008. With roots in a family business, Will & Baumer is the oldest candle company in America, according to Paul DiGiovanni, one of two sons running the business built by their father.

With clear and reconfirmed information that Christian Brands is growing again, an official at Will & Baumer was called Monday afternoon. He was reluctant to make any announcement on his own, but the on-going construction near the candle factory reveals expansion.

Christian Brands also has a site on the north side of its call center, shipping and receiving operation in the business park, but opening another business there by July seems less likely than moving the Creed Jewelry operation into what's under construction by Will & Baumer.

In fact, Lowe confirmed Cameron's view that Christian Brands wants to grow more.

"That's why they're building ... the 10,000 square feet," Lowe said. "They're hoping to be up and running by July, but that's weather dependent."