Judge calls for mental evaluation in burn case

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The man charged with attempted murder for allegedly splashing boiling cooking grease on his sleeping girlfriend a month ago was on Tuesday ordered to submit to a psychological examination.

Marshall County Sessions Court Judge Steve Bowden agreed with lawyers dealing with the case of Ryan Robert Haase, 34, 434 David Ave., that the exam should be conducted, according to relatives and friends of the victim, Lindsey Arp, 23.

"It could take 60 days for the evaluation," said Cindy Melton, who drove here from Missouri to show support for her niece.

Ten relatives and friends were at the courthouse where some of them and a deputy said Haase has been threatened and so there was enhanced security.

Meanwhile, Arp remains in the Vanderbilt Medical Center Burn Unit with burns on 50 percent of her body, according to her stepson, Tyler Lowe, who said she may lose an ear.

"It's possible," Lowe said. "She's going to have scarring all her life."

Some of the boiling cooking oil flowed into that ear, he said.

Arp's brother, Chris Arp, who uses Yukon Jack as his professional name when wrestling here and elsewhere in southern middle Tennessee, expressed his disdain for Haase.

"He's a piece of garbage," Chris Arp said. "If you see my little sister up there in the hospital bed, then God will open your eyes to different things."

He and other relatives wore T-shirts with pink and purple words saying "Pray for Lindsey Arp," and "Help end domestic violence."

A flier with Arp's photo encourages donations to an account established at U.S. Bank to raise money so her bills may be paid.

"The least we can do, while she's laying up there, is pay some of her bills," her big brother said.

Another effort to deal with the situation is a SWF Wrestling match on Southside Drive in Tullahoma on June 5 at 2 p.m. when there will also be a bake sale and auction, according to the flier.

The wrestler, Lindsey's father Paul Arp of Cowan and other relatives, mostly of Murfreesboro, recalled alleged incidents of domestic violence suffered by the woman who's already having skin grafts to return her to health.