Council sanctions volunteer renovations at shelter

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

With assurances the city won't face liability or costs, Lewisburg councilmen have authorized a volunteer organization to build better quarters for dogs at the animal shelter operated by the city and Marshall County.

Lewisburg Animal Shelter Adoptions (LASA) members developed plans for shelter improvements, and "We want to proceed with an outdoor pad and roofing that's not attached to the building," group spokeswoman Tisha Poling told the council.

Mayor Barbara Woods asked, "All you need is the city to say you can proceed?"

"Yes," Poling replied from the lectern facing the council during its monthly meeting.

Councilman Quinn Brandon Stewart then moved to grant the request and subsequently the vote was unanimous, but insurance issues and a quick consultation with the city and county animal control officers eased the elected officials' concern for the city budget.

Modifications for adoption fees were also discussed briefly, but Poling reported veterinarians have been, effectively, losing money when shelter fees are compared to the vets' costs.

LASA was created by Lewisburg animal lovers wishing to network with others who have similar interests, the organization reports.

"We have been very successful aiding in adoptions from the Lewisburg animal shelter and plan to continue this effort under the PAWS Now Inc. umbrella," according to an information package provided by the organization to councilmen.

Promoting Animal Welfare in the South Now sprang from our original mission," the local volunteer group's flier states. "It became apparent that the shelter was only a symptom of a larger community issue. As PAWS Now, we will be expanding into community education and development of programs such as low-cost spay and neuter."