Public records

Friday, May 20, 2011

Marriage Licenses

Richard Deverle Burger and Kelly Jewell Russell Shorey; Ignacio Calderon and Yasmin Rios; David Carl Welsh and Jessica Lynn Holt Warren.

Business Listings

Delta Five, 2500 Gold Road, Lewisburg, TN 37091, owner: Brad D. McClure; Jimmy Stacey, 1324 Fitzpatrick Road, Culleoka, TN 38451, owner: Jimmy Stacey; McLain Marketing, 307 Oakwood Drive, Lewisburg, TN 37091, owner: Donald C. McLain; Neil Vader, 2265 Finley Beech, Lewisburg, TN 37091, owner: Neil Vader; Up A Touch Exteriors, 1970 Fayetteville Hwy, Lot 19, Belfast, TN 37019, owner: Billy Landes; Wrights Road Boring, 1200 Globe Road, Lewisburg, TN 37091, owner: Wayne Wright.

Land Transfers

Nathan Todd S/D, Section 1, Lot 1, $177,000, District 1, from Byron Allen Bray and Dorothy E. Bray Ind & Atty in Fact to Monica and Shawn Malone; Parkview Heights S/D, Lot 5, $118,000, District 2, from Teresa M. Ray to Stephen C. and Jennifer L. Spurlin; Verona Avenue S/D, Section 1, Lot 2, $40,000, District 3, from Joseph D. Blalock to Brian A McNeese and Grant E. Finley; Revision of western two lots Fork Acres S/D, Lot 2B, 3.16 acres, $55,500, District 4, from Kevin Thorne Trustee and Kevin and Amanda Thorne Revocable Living Trust to Annette Montville; Bear Creek Road, 6.58 acres, $42,000, District 7, from Willard Gene Fralix to Grayson L. and Elizabeth A. Gokee; High Street Addition, Section 1, Lot 11, $102,000, from Violet Newcomb Ind & Atty in Fact, Earl Newcomb, and Sherrie A. Kennedy to Barbara Cooper.