Letter: Lewisburg needs to stop the turmoil

Friday, May 20, 2011

To the editor:

I have felt compelled to address an issue for some time now, but after an incident that happened in this town last week, I feel I can no longer sit quietly. Before I get to the issue at hand, let me first express the love I have for this town and the people in it. I will also say to you, like I tell my own biological children and my children at school before giving them advice, "I am not mistake or sin free. I have made mistakes in life and will probably continue because I am human. However, any mistakes I have made were against me and not towards anyone else. Yet, I work at being a Christian everyday!" Now this brings me to the issue at hand.

For several months now, I have seen this town become a place of constant turmoil. Every city, county, school boards meetings, etc. have become out of control. We the people, expect our elected and appointed officials to do their jobs with integrity and not take on these positions for the sake of being vengeful, vindictive, personal gain, or hidden agendas.

I am not a preacher and don't intend to take any of our ministers' jobs, but what I see and feel are people playing Christians on Wednesdays and Sundays and not practicing love for their fellow-man and doing the right things on the other days of the week. I know we are better than this!

Sometimes my friends think I am na*ve to the fact that everyone is not good or for my best interest and wonder why I can still meet or greet that person with a smile. Well, I'll tell you why!

Because I refuse to let anyone harden my heart or bring me down to their level, I still want to believe there is goodness in everyone, and if this is not so, then this is something they have to live with, not I.

This is one of the things that prompted me to write this letter to the editor. My sister-in-law, Jo Ann Henry, was released from her duties of being Director of the Election Commission. Without being biased and just speaking from the heart, let me just tell you what I know personally about Jo Ann Henry. She has been in the Henry Family and in Lewisburg for 15-plus years. In that time I know of her to be a person of good character, honest, prompt, dedicated and organized. How do I know this? Because this is how she runs her household and also her duties at church, so I have no doubt she carries this over into her work performance. Does this make her mistake free, or perfect?

No! But I do know that she takes her job seriously and strives to do the right things in life.

Remember, I'm not here to preach, but how can we love and worship a God we cannot see, yet hate our neighbors which we see everyday? For those of us who try to live the Christian life I hope you know that there is only One Heaven and One Hell and if we can't get along and do what's right here on Earth how do we even expect to go to Heaven?

Do I feel what I have said will make a change or a difference in how we think or act? For us who want to do the right things and live accordingly we will strive to reach that goal.. For those who will continue to live and do otherwise, that's OK too because remember Jesus knew that Judas was going to betray Him but Jesus still loved and forgave him!

People of Lewisburg, please do the right things for which I know we are capable of doing. Make this a town that is known for its Goodness, Fairness, Unity, and Diversity. Our town cannot grow to its potential if we continue to hold back progress.

Jerrie Mitchell Henry