Crimestoppers: Shelton murder on LPD's front burner

Friday, May 27, 2011

It's been 90 days since Ronald Shelton was shot to death with gunfire blasting through one of nine door windows still decorated with stick-on images of candy canes, a Christmas stocking and presents.

Lewisburg Police are still "actively working the case and are specifically looking for leads that would substantiate some leads we are investigating," Detective Sgt. David Henley said Tuesday afternoon.

Shelton, 58, lived at 112-C 7th Ave. S., a small, stone apartment complex that's known as the old Fox Motel. It fronts West Commerce Street. Shelton was shot three times in the upper chest. He was alone in his apartment when he was hit by pistol-caliber bullets fired through a door window.

"An autopsy was conducted at the medical examiner's office in Nashville and the examination confirmed that Shelton died as a result of the wounds," police said on a damp winter's day after the murder.

"I know," said Henley, "somebody somewhere saw something that night and they have information that's very pertinent to this investigation and I have faith that that person would want to do the right thing so the family can have some closure."

The detective sergeant encourages area residents to use the anonymous tip system known as CrimeStoppers by calling 359-4867. Those willing to talk directly to a detective may call the Criminal Investigation Division at 359-3800.

"We have pursued numerous leads," Henley said. "The public has been helpful, but we need more. We take every call, even anonymous calls, seriously. I wouldn't say the trail has gone cold. We're just looking for more new information that the public could provide."

"We are, literally, into the hundreds of hours" of detective time on the case, the sergeant said.