Man faces indictment for sex exploitation

Friday, May 27, 2011

A Lewisburg man was indicted on charges of sexual exploitation of a minor when the grand jury met last week.

Mark Joseph Suchan, 47, of 4th Avenue North, was arrested in March on warrants sworn out by Lewisburg Police Detective Sgt. David Henley. Those warrants charged Suchan with solicitation of a minor.

"During the (undercover) operation Suchan had requested a person to arrange the purchase of a child, age 12 or under, for the purpose of sex," Henley said at the time. "As a result of the operation a search warrant for Suchan's residence was also obtained."

"His computer and other digital media" were confiscated during the search, the detective sergeant added.

Examination of the computer and digital media appear to have led to the grand jury indictments. The first alleges a violation of T.C.A. 39-17-1003 "Sexual exploitation of a minor," and states that Suchan possessed over 100 images of minors engaged in sexual activity. The second charged him with aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor, and refers to the next section of the Tennessee Code Annotated, which states it is " knowingly promote, sell, distribute, transport, purchase or exchange" material which includes a minor engaged in sexual activity. The indictment alleges Suchan had more than 25 such images.

Lewisburg Police, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and Sgt. Sam Barnes of the Maury County Sheriff's Office worked together during the investigation, Henley said. City Police Detectives Scott Braden and James Johnson investigated as well.

Also indicted at the grand jury's session last week were

* Wendy Lynn Hull, 37, Long Distance Road. An 11-count indictment charges Hull with sale and delivery of crack cocaine on four occasions in October and November 2010, as well as two counts of conspiracy to sell a controlled substance in January 2011, and one count of selling a counterfeit controlled substance.

* John Thomas Beech, 64, Chapel Hill. Beech was charged with his fifth offence of driving under the influence, and second offence of driving on a revoked license. Assistant District Attorney Bud Bottoms moved to have Beech's bond revoked, stating that Beech had been arrested twice since his DUI, once for aggravated assault and possession of marijuana, and once for public intoxication. General Sessions Court Judge Steve Bowden refused to revoke bond, but ordered Beech not to drive, and stated that any violation would result in Beech being arrested and held without bond.