Crime reports

Friday, June 3, 2011

Counterfeit $20 bills have appeared in Lewisburg again. A Shelbyville woman came to the Police Department on May 29 with a counterfeit $20 bill that she received in change at Auto Zone. The store reimbursed the woman, and the counterfeit bill was logged into the police evidence room. Another counterfeit $20 bill was found in the deposit from Burke Building Supply when it was counted at First Commerce Bank on May 27.

Thefts and vandalism reported

* On about May 25, someone entered the secured area of the cell phone tower on Ledford Road and removed over $700-worth of copper wire, and did almost $1,300-worth of damage to the property.

* Between May 15 and 24, a hidden key was used to get into a residence on Liberty Avenue, where 100 15 mg. oxycodone pills, a wedding band set worth $850, and $20 cash were taken. The homeowner's 25-year-old son admitted to the theft, and the case was turned over to Lewisburg Police detectives.

* A Tennessean newspaper box worth $500, with about $20 cash inside, was stolen from The Acres shopping center sometime between May 24 and 25.

* A Marshall County Tribune newspaper stand worth $425 was stolen from 1127 Nashville Highway. This is the second Tribune stand to be stolen in the last two weeks.

* The rear window of a 1991 Nissan van was broken on May 19 while the van was parked on Maple Street, allegedly by someone throwing a rock at it. Owner estimates it will cost $400 to replace.

* A black wrought iron double glider seat worth $300 was stolen from the yard of a residence on Spring Place Road about 10:45 p.m. May 25.

* About two weeks ago, someone stole a black leather riding vest, worth $250, from the utility room of a residence on Clayton Avenue. The vest has a very large Born to Ride patch on the back and a Sturgis patch on the front chest area, and is laced together on the sides.

* An 18-foot metal tube gate, worth $129, three cedar posts, and some planks were damaged by a person returning a tractor to a farm on Wade Brown Road after it had been worked on.

* During the night of May 29-30, someone ran over a mailbox, valued at $100, at a residence on White Drive.

* A black-brown Huffy bicycle worth $100 was stolen from a residence on 6th Avenue North.

* A woman who works at NHC Healthcare told Lewisburg Police on May 29 that her wallet - containing her driver's license, social security card, insurance cards, debit card, food stamp card and 50 cents - was missing from her purse, and she believed the wallet was taken while she was at work on May 28.

* A Lewisburg couple reported to Marshall County Sheriff's Deputy Chad Bass that someone had used their identity to purchase a cell phone through AT&T/Cingular and have it delivered to an address in Brooklyn, N.Y. The couple told Bass this was the second time this had happened.

* Fireworks were set off by two male juveniles near the home of a Chapel Hill teacher. Exploded and unexploded M-5000 firecrackers were found on the front porch by Deputy Cecil Thrasher.

* A glass pane of the back door of a residence on Cheryl Drive was broken and someone got in and took a number of things, but left their cell phone behind. The owner is out of town and will supply a list of missing items when she returns. Detective Sgt. David Henley took possession of the phone and took photographs. The victim's son-in-law repaired the door.

Charged with introduction of drugs into a penal institution

Charles W. Shelton, 23, Franklin Avenue, an inmate of Marshall County Jail, was charged after a substance, alleged to be crack cocaine, was found in his cell. Shelton was arrested on May 27 on a warrant for violation of probation, when he was a passenger in a vehicle involved in a traffic stop. A search of Shelton found marijuana seeds, a crack pipe, and two pills identified as Clonazepam, a Schedule IV controlled substance. Bond on these charges: $5,000; court date: July 11.

-- Karen Hall