Organizers happy with weekend

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lewisburg's first festival to "kick off summer" went very well, according to one of the organizers.

State Farm agent and Rotary member Peggy Hubbard was in charge of the vendors, and said there were about 40 of them.

"Some were pleased and some were disappointed," Hubbard said of the vendors' reaction to the Rotary's Festival on the Rocks. She said some vendors felt the heat kept people away, but "in their business they understand that." Temperatures Friday and Saturday were about 15 degrees above average for the first weekend in June.

Some of the vendors who stayed open in the evening, when it cooled down and people flocked to the concert, told Hubbard they made up for slack sales during the day.

Hubbard said the Rotary will definitely continue to hold the Festival on the Rocks and members hope it will get bigger and better every year.

The Rotary will welcome constructive, cordial comments, Hubbard said. The festival is for the community, and all money raised goes to programs in the community.

"We don't keep one red cent," Hubbard said. "With us it's just a way to raise more money to give back." She clarified that dues to Rotary International are paid from members' contributions.

Admission to the Festival was free, but the Rotary did collect donations for parking, and passed the bucket after the Joey and Rory concert Friday night.

"People were very generous," Hubbard said. "The silent auction went well, too. Everyone was safe and happy and had a good time."

Rotary members already have ideas for next year, like a hot dog eating contest and a pie-baking contest. People loved the tethered hot air balloon rides and lined up for a turn to go up. The rides were only available for two hours, but next year the Rotary hopes it can be longer.

Next year, Hubbard said, they will have two nights of great music, in addition to everything else.

She pointed out that the Goats Music and More Festival took a few years to get going, and said, "There's always a learning curve."