Fugitive makes bail bondswoman 'grumpy'

Friday, June 10, 2011

A Franklin-based bail bond company's owner was in Marshall County Circuit Court on Wednesday, asking for more time to bring in a fugitive.

Leah Hulan of Grumpy's Bail Bonds told Judge Robert Crigler her agency is still looking for Levar Five Daily, 31, of Pulaski. He was scheduled for trial here this winter, but didn't show up for pretrial motions on Jan. 5 and hasn't been seen since.

Hulan asked for an indefinite extension on the time required for her company to bring in the fugitive, or pay the court.

"We almost had him a few months ago," Hulan said.

She found Daily in a motel with his wife, but before her fugitive recovery team could get there, she explained, he escaped, leaving his wife behind.

Later, Hulan had a phone conversation with Daily and he promised to turn himself in if his wife wasn't charged. This, however, hasn't happened. Instead, Hulan said, the wife has filed suit against her in civil court, and obtained a restraining order.

"We've been working non-stop for months," Hulan said. "I will work day and night to bring this gentleman in."

Assistant District Attorney Eddie Barnard pointed out that Daily was a poor risk for any bondsman. He had "67 entries on his 608." A 608 form lists prior convictions. "In 2004 he had a failure to appear here," Barnard said. "That's her business if she wants to make bonds like this."

Bondsmen can get their money back if they go through the right steps once a fugitive is apprehended, Barnard said, but Crigler said that's "theoretical. Usually when they (bondsmen) pay (the amount of the bond to the court), it's gone."

Crigler granted Hulan a 90-day extension on the date by which Daily's $21,000 bond must be paid into court. Failure to pay could result in suspension for the agency.

Daily was charged in a four-count indictment with possession with intent to sell and deliver cocaine and marijuana.

Daily was one mile inside Marshall County on State Route 129 (Lynnville Highway) when he was stopped by Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper David Hill, according to documents in his case file. Hill alleges that Daily was driving 65 mph in a 45-mph zone.

After Hill caught the scent of marijuana in the car, the trooper searched the vehicle. His report also states that he found approximately seven grams of cocaine and 1.25 pounds of marijuana. Daily's attorney is Stanley K. Pierchoski of Lawrenceburg.

Hulan, who appears on billboards advertising Grumpy's, was Miss Tennessee in 1992 and competed in Miss America and Miss USA pageants later in the '90s. She is the author of "Pain Behind the Smile: My Battle with Bulimia."