Mildred's has new owner

Friday, June 10, 2011

An Ardmore, Tenn. resident who's been an American citizen for three decades bought Mildred's Restaurant on Lewisburg's Ellington Parkway and the other Mildred's Restaurant in Lincoln County.

Margaret Kim, 53, closed the purchase on June 1 with Mildred McNatt of Fayetteville and within a week she was explaining that she has only a few modest changes planned for the restaurant here and the one in Park City.

McNatt "wanted to retire," said Kim whose heritage is Korean. She became a naturalized citizen about 30 years ago.

Kim plans to keep the same menu, but might add some things to the menu, as reflected in what she serves elsewhere. She's asked if people like fried green tomatoes.

She used to run a restaurant called Fried Green Tomatoes in LaGrange, Ga.

Kim is president of H.K.J. Inc., a company formed to hold the two restaurants. She also has J.J. Rise Corp., which holds Southern Fixin Steakhouse and Buffet, and J.K. Inc., which holds Fried Tomato Buffet. Both of her other restaurants are in Ardmore. The steakhouse is on Highway 53 in Alabama. The other restaurant is in downtown Ardmore, Tenn.

Before she sold her restaurant in Georgia, Kim had one in California.

Kim smiled when she was told that Mildred's had become something of a stopping place for political campaigns when they're in Lewisburg. She didn't know that Joe the Plumber was there when Lou Ann Zelenik campaigned for the Republican nomination to run for Congress.