TDEC explains recycling hub

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Meg Lockhart, spokeswoman for the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, was asked to elaborate on recycling hubs. Here's her reply.

"In general terms, a recycling hub is a centralized location that local governments send their recycling commodities to for the purpose of leveraging the economic benefits of economy of scale, location, transportation and shared infrastructure to keep costs down and increase quality and value of the materials being processed. This could be considered similar to a transfer station but deals primarily with improving the quality and value of collected recyclables and the preparation of commodities for their end markets.

"The department is currently following three pilot recycling hub projects that will promote and increase recycling, and improve local participation, among other things. Each of the planned hubs would be located in a different grand division and the project request for proposals for these pilot projects is due by June 30. It's my understanding that the Marshall County project is not one we are specifically following. However, if the county meets the same deadline they will be considered for grant funding with the three other pilot projects.

"It would appear that there's been some communication with the county and we are aware they are working on a potential project with a private company. However, until we receive specific details or an actual proposal, the department could not speculate on the type or scope of any facility."