Letter to the Editor

Letter: McRady had a point

Friday, June 24, 2011

To the editor:

I'm a newcomer to Lewisburg and follow the city and county governments through the Tribune. I'm not involved in politics and don't know anyone in city or county government.

I worked in government for 27 years and saw a lot of decisions that would have been better had more study been made, opinions expressed, and questions asked.

The city's recent decision to sign a two-year contract for the current treasurer to assist a newly hired one should have been for no longer than the required probationary period and should have specified hour and dollar amounts. Leaving all personalities out, this contract, as stated in your paper, appears to be wide open to abuse.

That the city is even considering hiring a treasurer who it expects to need this contract raises questions. What applicant who has the required education or experience would even consider accepting a job under these conditions?

The fact that the state requires a treasurer to become a Certified Municipal Financial Officer is the responsibility of the treasurer's, and the city should not provide a crutch for him or her acquiring this certification.

Mr. McRady was right and I support him in questioning this contract, especially if he had no prior knowledge of its existence. That alone raises more questions.

Margaret Aymett