Redistricting committee to be named by commission

Friday, June 24, 2011

One of the tasks facing county commissioners at their Monday night meeting is formation of a new committee.

A redistricting committee will be formed, and hold its first meeting immediately after the commission meeting to elect a chairman, vice chairman, and secretary.

The 2010 census found that Marshall County's districts 1 and 2 have too many people in them, due to growth in the north end of the county. Therefore, district boundary lines will have to be redrawn, in order to have each commissioner and school board member represent approximately the same number of people. District 2 borders Districts 6, 7, 8, and 3, so potentially six of the county's nine districts will be affected.

Nominees for the redistricting committee are Reynelle Smith; Tom Sumners, from the center of the county; Mickey King from the south; Mike Waggoner from the north; Mike Keny, chairman of the school board; Triston Arnold, administrator of elections; Bill Haywood, county attorney; and non-voting members County Mayor Joe Boyd Liggett, and his secretary, Shan Wells.

Other council business includes the approval of a continuing budget resolution, allowing county government to continue functioning after the end of its budget year on June 30.

The school board is not ready to present its budget to the commission, and Sumners, chairman of the commission, commented, "It's an unknown right now what we're facing with the school budget."

Meanwhile, the county's trash and recyclables still have to be dealt with. Commissioners are expected to approve a resolution to apply for a litter and trash collection grant, and another resolution to request the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation to consider Marshall County for a recycling hub.

"The landfill - that's another big unknown commissioners will have to face," Sumners said.