Agreement struck on dead-livestock removal

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Marshall County Commission voted on Monday to enter into an agreement with South Central Tennessee Development District and Appertain Corporation to provide livestock producers with dead livestock removal. Dead livestock includes all farm or domesticated animals weighing in excess of 75 pounds.

The South Central Development District has an agreement with Appertain Corporation and they will be the ones that will be removing the dead livestock starting July 1. They will provide removal services within 48 hours of notification five days a week, excluding holidays. In certain cases, this service may be provided on Saturdays.

Initially pick-up calls will be made to 931-363-8284 between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m. After hours and emergency pick-ups, as needed by law enforcement, may be requested by calling Belinda Pope at 931-638-0775 or Beverly Sherrill at 931-224-0125. There is no guarantee that after-hours call-in for the next day pick-up can be honored.

All dead livestock shall be placed within 25 feet of a gravel or paved surface to permit access without interference from any fence, building, structure or other obstacle and accessible to a utility-type grapple vehicle. Provider will only be required to go to the specified pick up location. All locations must be generally accessible by a GPS system. Contact numbers must be provided at the time of pick-up request.

Dead livestock shall be ready for removal prior to provider's arrival. Dead animals must not be submerged in water or ice or put into inaccessible ditches or low-lying areas. Animals must not be severely deteriorated or have other animals feasting on the carcasses.