TDEC makes TDOT clean up leaked gasoline

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tennessee's Department of Transportation is to clean up gasoline leaked from a tank at its garage in Belfast under a plan submitted to Tennessee's Department of Environment and Conservation.

Remediation costs have been estimated as ranging from about $58,600 to $143,500, according to a report filed at TDEC's field office in Columbia where records were reviewed Tuesday afternoon last week.

Interviews with TDEC officials in Columbia last week indicate there's been no threat to public health because of gasoline leaked from the TDOT gasoline tank.

Quantum Environmental & Engineering Services (QE2) of Knoxville made the cost estimates and described three methods of removal.

They are:

* A system that uses of tiny fibers that are hollow. With a saturation of dissolved oxygen, they're to provide a significant degradation of hydrocarbons that are components of gasoline.

* A chemical oxidation technique that destroys contaminants through a chemical reaction that includes the injection of super saturated oxygen treatments; and,

* A bioremediation with a trademarked product that uses single-celled microorganisms that are different from bacteria. The microorganisms' own waste kills them, so their life cycle is continued with the reintroduction of the naturally occurring organisms.

While QE2's proposals are described in TDEC files, that contractor has a successor, according to a TDOT spokeswoman.

"The contractor was not replaced," TDOT's B.J. Doughty reported Friday. "The (QE2) contract expired and Ensafe (of Nashville) won the new contract. They provide facility inspection services for us, and also handle any remediation necessary."

Ensafe published an announcement in the Marshall County Tribune on June 24 saying that a corrective action plan will be filed with TDEC's Division of Underground Storage Tanks (DUST) and that DUST "is allowing a 30-day time period for public comment