'Rough Around the Edges' back at Community Theater

Friday, July 15, 2011

The a cappella ensemble of young Marshall County men is returning to the stage at the Marshall County Community Theatre late next week.

"Treat yourself and your family to the incredible musical experience of Rough Around the Edges," group spokesman Nathan Dumser said, explaining that the men share a passion for writing and performing a cappella styled music.

"You will laugh out loud at their onstage high jinks, and you will be moved by their soulful, intricate harmonies," Dumser said in his Thursday announcement. "You will hear classic songs by such artists as Marvin Gaye and the Beatles as well as contemporary tunes by Cee Lo Green and Michael Bublé.

"Rough" played sold-out houses in the Marshall County Community Theatre last summer in their first public, professional performances.

The men return to the Lewisburg public square stage in four performances July 22-25, 7:30 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Monday, and 2 p.m. for the Sunday performance.

"This local a cappella group is certain to steal the hearts of Marshall County all over again," Dumser said.

Group rehearsals are Sunday though Tuesday in the theater at 7 p.m.