Letter to the Editor

Letter: A college degree is not a birthright

Friday, August 19, 2011

To the Editor:

I am admittedly amazed at the "spin" politicians and the media put on events occurring in the world around us, drawing your attention to the most recent diabolical proceedings that took place in our nation's capital. Our President quotes both Lincoln and Reagan (staunch "Republicans"), attempting to somehow get us to believe in his ideas. (If he were to actually have one.)

Then I read the blips, blogs, and commentaries in this publication quoting local people expressing their opinions as to how the economic/employment crises facing this nation can easily be fixed. "Just pay every unemployed person to go pick up rocks in the road and throw them in the ditch." Be sure to pay them a lot more than the going hourly wage for such "skilled" labor, and assure that they get full benefits, i.e. medical coverage, vacation and "sick" days, even if they aren't the least bit ill, and retirement. Then pass their bill on to the employed, tax-paying citizens for these people's pointless endeavors. That's how President Roosevelt is said to have done it to end the "Great Depression" according to one of our former city councilmen's letter to President Obama.

Willie, my friend, it was neither President Roosevelt's New Deal, the CCC, nor the WPA that brought this country out of the depression in the 1930s. If we just have to give credit to any particular individuals, start with Germany's Adolph Hitler, Italy's Benito Mussolini, and Imperial Japan's Emperor Hirohito. President Roosevelt did respond to the Axis Powers with proper aplomb and political decorum. He blew their illegitimate posteriors off the face of this earth. (As this president did with Osama Bin Laden.)

He did put a lot of Americans (millions of them) on the government's military payrolls. He purchased untold millions of tons of war machines, planes, ships, tanks, cannons, rifles, C-rations, etc., etc., from America's industrial manufacturing corporations, aka "employers" of people. Americans went back to work and our economy rebounded because of WW II. Industrial corporate payrolls generated tax revenues to fund America's war efforts. We ("the people of these United States") first "defeated" the Nazi; then "set" the Rising Sun.

Presidents Roosevelt and Truman had great CEOs i.e., Generals MacArthur, Eisenhower, Marshall, Bradley, Arnold; and Admirals Nimitz and Halsey, to name just a few.

We cannot recover by simply placing all the unemployed people on the Government teat. The cow will go dry. Some people (a few) have apparently made it their life-long vocation to be forever unemployed and provisioned by others. We should help every person who earnestly desires to get back on their feet, temporarily. America is still the land of opportunity. Why else would so many "illegals" swarm our borders?

All Americans have a constitutionally guaranteed birthright to individual pursuit of life, liberty, happiness, and to the honest fruitful attainment of prosperity. Living off the worker bees' labor and taxes isn't anyone's birthright. A college degree is not a birthright, nor is a cell phone. Every person has the right to honestly pursue and attain all that is within their individual capabilities, without expecting the government to provide anything other than temporary (repayable) assistance.

That is how the framers of our Republic's Constitution envisioned, yea "intended," for us to continue. Oops! There I go again. Another "history" lesson. I keep forgetting. We aren't teaching "history" in our (public) schools, anymore. Sorry.

Thomas A. 'Drew' Davidson