Marshall Medical Center loads the bases with trainers

Friday, August 19, 2011
Marshall Medical Center has expanded their athletic trainer coverage to all three county high schools with the editions of Megan Koontz (left) to replace Emily Spears at Forrest and Andrea Craig Roberson (right) at Cornersville. Greg Cloutier (center) remains at Marshall County High School.

Marshall Medical Center, in conjunction with its parent organization, Maury Regional Healthcare Systems has expanded its coverage of athletic trainers to include all three county high schools.

Jamie Davis, the Director of Physical Therapy at Marshall Medical Center said, "We are very excited to provide athletic trainer coverage to all three schools. I hope that we will be a lot more accessible to their needs, not just by phone, but also in person. We had two trainers covering three schools and as the need became greater, we had to weigh what was appropriate to our budget to the needs of the schools and we decided that it was time to expand. We believe this will have a big impact."

Greg Cloutier, the first athletic trainer on the county sports scene in 2007 remains at Marshall County High School, while Megan Koontz takes over for Emily Spears at Forrest and Andrea Craig Roberson assumes the duties at Cornersville.

"When Emily moved on we had to replace her," said Cloutier. "We had a meeting with the people at Cornersville and we saw a need and they expressed a need to wanting an athletic trainer at the school. Our CEO Phyllis Brown decided we needed to be covering Cornersville as well and gave the go ahead to hire somebody for the position."

Spears left Forrest in early July to become the athletic trainer and a Health Sciences (Anatomy & Physiology) teacher at LaVergne High School where she was the athletic trainer until she came to Marshall County in 2008.

Koontz, a Lake County High School graduate, earned her college degree at MTSU in 2010 before becoming the athletic trainer at Middle Tennessee Christian School last year and said about coming to Chapel Hill, "I always wanted to live out here, I like it here and this is a small town like the small town I grew up in."

Asked about her first few weeks on the job, Koontz said, "I love my job more than anything. The interaction with the kids is amazing, they all seem open, and I have developed a relationship with a lot of them and it is good."

Roberson, who played softball and basketball at Lewis County High School graduated from Austin Peay University and earned a masters degree in Healthcare Administration from Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida.

Roberson was an athletic trainer in the college ranks at David Lipscomb University before spending several years in the skilled nursing field where she became the Executive Director at Life Care Centers of Columbia.

Asked about the similarities between the two health care fields, Roberson said, "The rewards are not un-like dealing with kids, kind of the same rewards, just in another area of life."

Roberson accepted the position last week and said, "The transition has been quick; it has been hot and heavy, full go since Wednesday. They have been very receptive in Cornersville."

"Marshall Medical has committed to covering the entire county and now they have that done and everyone has been absolutely fabulous," said Roberson. "I grew up as an athlete. I was a high school athlete and college athlete as well. I grew up in a small town, so I know well what their focus is."