Commissioners wary of leaks in Courthouse Annex

Friday, September 2, 2011
Marshall County Commissioner Don Ledford, left, comments during the commission's Building Committee meeting while architect James Kennon, right, listens to discussion about repair of the Courthouse Annex in Lewisburg.

Marshall County Commissioners are looking for a cost-efficient way to prevent leaks at the Courthouse Annex on Lewisburg's public square.

Repair bids for the Annex wall facing the Davidson Building came in higher than expected, commissioners said. One exceeded $115,000. Another was $107,000. James Kennon, the county's consulting architect, "targeted" the job at about $50,000.

"The weird thing is ... water has never gotten in the building," Commissioner Jeff Taylor said. "It's just gotten behind the wall."

Commissioner Kevin Vanhooser concluded, "It's probably something we have to do."

The job is complicated by its location.

"What scares me most ... is the liability," Commissioner Don Ledford said. Roofers need to be "working over someone else's roof."

Committeemen expressed a desire to "minimize liability and ... lessen the cost of the supervision of the job," Ledford said Thursday.

There was discussion Monday about relying on county maintenance men. Workers on the Davidson roof would probably cause leaks in an old roof, so they might replace the roof and lower costs by eliminating liability.

Kennnon was asked to recalculate. Other discussions are anticipated before the committee reconvenes.

Wednesday, when attorney Drew Davidson was asked about the situation, he replied, "I'm open to reasonable negotiation."