School Board ready to reorganize

Friday, September 2, 2011

Meeting on a different day, and at a different time, the school board could have a different look at the end of Tuesday night's meeting.

Starting at 7 p.m., board members will start with the election of a chairman, vice chairman and chairman pro-tem to preside over their meetings for the next 12 months. They must also set the time and day for the monthly meeting. For the past year, it has been the second Monday of the month, at 6:30 p.m. Monday has been the day that conflicts least with school sports, which board members like to cheer on, and in which some of them have children participating.

Tuesday, the full board will hear from the maintenance committee that the engineer's report is in for the foundation problem in one section of Forrest School. Maintenance supervisor Sheldon Davis is to seek bids for 24 piers the engineers recommend to bring the foundation back to its correct alignment. Once it's straight, the cracks in the walls and roof can be repaired. The foundation is said to have been undermined by water flow whose pattern was changed by earthworks near the school.

Davis also reported to the maintenance committee that problems with too-hot classrooms are being addressed.

"We're still fighting the thermostats," he said Monday night.

Davis told board member Harvey Jones Jr. that his department had been checking the temperature of the air coming out of the vents with a thermal gun and it was 59 to 60 degrees. If air this cold isn't cooling the classrooms sufficiently, it could be because the system was designed to work with outdoor temperatures up to 92 degrees, and, of course, it has been hotter than that in Marshall County since school started.

"That's a good argument for not being in school at the beginning of August," exclaimed Barbara Kennedy, though she also said some of the rooms at Marshall County High School were too cold.

"Are you still getting a lot of calls?" asked Randy Perryman.

"Not as much," Davis answered.

He said Siemens had about two more weeks on the project, and said it was really six months' work done in three months.

"When's the final payment?" Jones asked.

"About a week after people stop griping," joked Donnie Moses.

"When we sign off on everything," Davis said. Then there's money held back in case of problems down the line.

"They've been pretty helpful," Davis said about Siemens.

"Siemens payment" is an item on the agenda for Tuesday night.