City Hall hires versatile Davis

Friday, September 2, 2011

Lewisburg City Hall has another "Jack of All Trades," an unofficial title sanctioned by at least one city leader.

She is Pam Davis of John Lunn Road who succeeds Lisa Jackson, a now former part-time employee turned volunteer with a continued interest in renovation of the Ladies Rest Room.

Jackson's duties ebbed and flowed, as help was needed serving the Industrial Development Board, the Community Development Board, the Goats Music and More Festival, and other city endeavors, according to Greg Lowe, the city's economic development director.

Davis started working at what had been Jackson's desk in the office used by Lowe who was quick to point out that she's not assigned to serve him, although she, like Jackson, would be expected to make research calls to have answers for prospective new employers bringing jobs to town.

Jackson resigned to take care of relatives; from grandchildren to grandparents, Lowe and others at City Hall said on Wednesday.

"She's served her tour of duty," Lowe said.

Davis has previously worked at CKNA in the personnel department, the same office where Mike Wiles worked before he became the executive director of the local Joint Economic and Community Development Board.

Davis' husband is Marshall County Commissioner Sheldon Davis, the maintenance director for Marshall County Schools, an office that was assigned building services for various other county buildings including the Courthouse, Courthouse Annex, Hardison Office Annex, and others.

Davis was one of several candidates for the part-time City Hall job. Her hours may fluctuate from week to week. She started her new job in mid-August.