Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Friday, September 9, 2011

Dear Editor:

So, why am I not surprised by the "re-opening" of the landfill?

Apparently, all the owners of the landfill had to do was to wait for a change in government so they could get approval for dumping our waste in a sinkhole.

Why should I believe that Waste Management could contain leakage from a sinkhole?

Should I, based on their previous record of being environmentally proactive? I think not.

Should I, based on one of their hired geologist's statement that waste can be contained in a sinkhole? I think not, when most geologists conclude that you cannot contain leakage in a sinkhole, as a sinkhole is an ever-expanding entity.

I wonder: What happened to change the thinking of the current state government people (read Republicans) regarding this when the previous administration (read Democrats) refused to allow the usage of a sinkhole to contain our trash based on environmental studies?

Obviously, I had hoped for a different outcome. In reality, I expected this one.

I realize in the greater scheme of things this is a small dump in a small county and we have larger problems.

But if we don't start taking care of these small problems, they will add up and we will be in real trouble.

Maybe, we already are.

Jamie Ledford


Dear Editor:

I am a member of the Tea Party because I believe the federal government should live within its means.

Because of this association, I have been called a "hostage taker" by the vice president, a "KKK member without a hood" by Democratic congresswoman Sheila Jackson and a "son of a XXXX" by Jimmy Hoffa Jr. while introducing the president at a Labor Day speech. Democratic congresswoman Maxine Waters even told me to "go to Hell."

I wonder if the members of the Marshall County Democratic Party, many of whom are my friends, will revisit their commitment to that political party.

Jim Moon