Grand jury indicts in hot oil burning case

Friday, September 23, 2011

A Lewisburg man who allegedly poured hot cooking oil on his sleeping girlfriend has been indicted by the grand jury.

Ryan Robert Haase, 34, formerly of David Avenue, is charged with criminal attempted first-degree murder, and two counts of aggravated assault.

The first count of the indictment summarizes Haase's act, stating, he "with premeditation and intentionally did attempt to kill Lindsey C. Arp by throwing/pouring a hot liquid substance (on her) causing serious bodily injury."

The warrant sworn by Lewisburg Police Detective Scott Braden adds, "Haase did admit to the act."

The allegedly assault occurred on April 11, and Arp received severe burns to more than one-third of her body. She spent four months at Vanderbilt, and was then transferred to a rehabilitation center. According to recent posts on the Facebook page "Prayers for Lindsey," she is at home in Lewisburg now, being cared for by her mother.

General Sessions Court Judge Steve Bowden referred Haase to Centerstone for a mental evaluation. After at least two meetings with Haase, certified forensic examiner Jon Garrison concluded that Haase does understand the legal process and has the ability to consult with a lawyer and participate in his own defense. Further, in his opinion, Haase does understand the charges against him and the possible consequences.

As to Haase's mental condition at the time of the alleged crime, Garrison states it is his opinion that "Haase was not experiencing a severe mental disease...that caused him to be unable to appreciate the nature of wrongfulness of his acts."

Garrison does, however, state, "The defendant does appear to have a basis for arguing diminished capacity," without elaborating why.

Circuit Court Judge Robert Crigler assigned the Public Defender's Office to continue representing Haase, who is being held without bond in Lincoln County Jail.