Officer suspended without pay

Friday, September 23, 2011

A Lewisburg Police officer is suspended without pay for conduct unbecoming a police officer and for imprudent use of an alcoholic beverage while off duty, the police chief said in public records created this week.

Officer James Kevin Clark was suspended with pay last weekend as Chief Chuck Forbis proceeded to investigate the chain of events at Clark's home in town where he came home from a club and became involved in a domestic altercation with his wife.

"Due to the conflicting statements, a primary aggressor could not be determined," Cpl. Tracy Teal wrote Saturday night about the incident that occurred at 11:23 that night.

Shift Sgt. Danny Burk called Forbis from Clark's house as Teal investigated.

Clark is suspended for 12 hours without pay for his conduct that demonstrated poor judgment, as police are to lead by example.

He is suspended for 24 hours without pay for use of alcohol while off duty because police are to refrain from drinking to the extent that it results in impairment, intoxication and/or obnoxious behavior that discredits the department.

Clark was directed to participate in three months of counseling.

"He took full responsibility and was very apologetic," Forbis said.