Tigerettes suffer disappointing loss at Sewanee

Friday, September 23, 2011
Senior Tara Adcock (22) and the rest of the Marshall County Tigerettes hope to make up some ground in the district standings this week with games versus Cascade and MTCS. Tribune photo

The closer to Sewanee the MCHS bus moved, the more gray the sky turned in an ominous prediction of what was to come and by the end of the evening, the Tigerettes had suffered a whopping 5-0 loss to Sewanee, turning the ladies moods the same shade of gray.

The Tigerettes (3-4-3 overall, 0-1-2 district) took to the field at 4:25 last Tuesday night, September 13 to face Sewanee in a non-district game.

The game was evenly matched until ten minutes in when Tigerettes' goalkeeper Atlanta Ferguson was called into action, saving a long shot from Sewanee's Marisa Wilson, thus beginning the long night of shots to be taken against the Tigerettes.

Sewanee found the back of the net in the 22nd minute when Allyson Hale took the ball in the middle of Marshall County's 18-yard box, and deposited it just to the right of Ferguson for a 1-0 lead.

Marshall County picked up the pace and began a series of offensive attacks that were all defeated by Sewanee's defense.

In a Sewanee counter-attack, a deflected shot led to a scramble in front of Ferguson's goal, which a strong Tigerettes' defense could not keep out as the ball hit the crossbar on a shot that was just too high.

The rebound found the head of a Sewanee forward who sent it to Ferguson's left, forcing her to dive, but the talented goalkeeper managed to get a hand to the ball.

The deflected save fell to the feet of Sewanee's Monica Molina Villaro, who buried it into the goal in the 28th minute for a two-nil hometown lead.

Only two minutes later Sewanee scored another goal as Katelyn Howard shot the ball just over the defense and Ferguson's outstretched hands.

The rest of the first half was played in a very defensive setting for the Tigerettes as they focused more on defending the ball rather than attacking and the defense managed to keep out some top quality shots in their half of the field.

When they came on for the second half the Tigerettes were in renewed, optimistic spirits.

The optimism was short lived, however when Sewanee scored their fourth goal of the night in the 55th minute.

The Tigerettes were met with another bad-luck rebound when a Helen Wilson shot from the 18-yard box hit the goalpost and Katie Craighill picked up the loose ball and drilled it into the back of the net.

Marshall County's scoring opportunity came in the 59th minute when Devin Jouett passed a perfect ball into the lane of forward Emily Spence.

Spence received the ball and was preparing to shoot when the referee whistled her offsides.

Sewanee scored their last goal in the 66th minute when Wilson scored on a low, short shot that scooted under Ferguson.

Sewanee had a chance to make it a 6-0 game in the last seconds of the game, but the Tigerette defense never gave up despite the circumstances, and managed to clear the ball away just before the game was signaled to an end.

Sewanee had 28 shots on goal, while MCHS totaled only three.

"We will be continuing to work on quicker transitions, thereby creating more possibilities for shots in the future," MCHS head coach Lisa Raffo said when asked about the difference in shots taken.

In response to the way her team played as a defensive unit she said, "I wouldn't change a thing."

MCHS traveled to Cascade on Monday and was back home in Lewis burg for a game versus Middle Tennessee Christian on Thursday.

All three squads are all vying for an opportunity to defeat their opponents and enhance their position in the district standings.

"I think the most difficult part of the season will be the next few games we play," Raffo commented.

She did not end on a sour note, saying "Either way we will be learning and improving, win or lose." Hopefully, the optimism of Raffo and her Tigerettes will pay off in the coming week.