Publlic Record

Friday, September 30, 2011

Marriage licenses

Thomas Anthony Humphrey and Kirsten Ruth Anderson; William Ewing Jones and Etta Marie Wallace; Joshua James Wheeler and Courtney Megan Short; Charles Ray Williams and Rose Marie Gevedon.

Land transfers

Tracts, 0.24 and 0.34 acres, $7,000, District 1, from Donnie D. and Jason D. Wheeler, Donnie Wheeler Executor and Don E. Wheeler Estate to Joe Ashworth;

Winns Crossing S/D, Section 1, Lot 2, $97,500, District 1, from Jason Jent and Rob Huey to Roger W. and Joyce R. Heitschmidt; Charles Young S/D, Lot 2, 1 acre, $25,000, District 1, from Heritage South Credit Union to Randell Anderson; Nancy Dawn Trout Addition, Lot 1, 3.3 acres, $4,500, District 1, from Jerry Trout to Nancy D. Trout; Forrest Fields S/D, Lot 5, $74,000, District 1, from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp to Lisa Morris; Forrest Hills S/D, Lot 18, $84,472, District 1, from Shelley Gurda and Lori MacKenzie to Jason M. and Britta McKeever; Beasley Road, 5.10 acres, $25,500, District 1, from Billy N. and David E. Johns to Jed S. and Lori B. Lamb; Beekman S/D Revision, Lots 2A and 3A, $15,000, District 1, from Nathan J. and Sheila Richardson to Craig R. and Carla A. Beekman; Sybil Sanders S/D, Lot 1, $72,000, District 2, from Douglas H. and Deborah A. Neff to Phillip H. Sullivan; Wynwood S/D, Section 8, Lot 20, $95,000, District 2, from Ramon J. and Nicole A. Olivarez to Shaun and Anna B. Grant; Mary Tate Evans Estate Survey, Lot 14 PO, $24,500, District 3, from Willie F. Murphy to Frank Murphy; Jennifer Murphy Property Survey, Lot 1, $8,000, District 3, from Cheryl Murphy to Tijuana M. and Anthony Alexander;

Old Belfast Road, $0, District 3, from Kassandra E. Daniel to Tennessee Department of Transportation; Marshall Heights S/D Revised, Lot 2 PO, $50,900, District 3, from Joshua D. and Whitney L. Harmon to Jeff L. Poarch; Valley View S/D, Section C, Lots 15, 16, 17, and 18, $64,000, District 3, from Vericrest Financial Inc Atty in Fact and The Bank of New York Mellon to Eleuterio Garcia and Gricelda Boyzo; Trim Chunn S/D, Lot 1, 0.26 acres, $1,500, District 3, from Tammy J. Bradley, Timothy J. and Trim J. Chunn and Keith Childers Administrator to Tony Smithson; Westview S/D, Phase II, Lot 96, $53,000, District 3, from First State Bank to Freddie W. and Patsy D. Stewmon; Beechwood Avenue, $97,300, District 4, from James R. and Sharon L. Calahan to Robert S. and Krystal Seagraves; Champions Run S/D, Phase 1, Lot 21, $50,500, District 4, from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Community Housing Partnership;

Gupton Road, 10.09 and 20.29 acres, $285,000, District 7, from Alabama Credit Union to Paul H. and Kimbra L. Davidson.