Police, EMS recover body from Rock Creek

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lewisburg police, firefighters and the Marshall County Emergency Medical Service were recovering a body from Rock Creek shortly after dark Tuesday when Police Chief Chuck Forbis anticipated the body would be taken directly to a state medical examiner.

"It appears he'd been in the water for more than a few days," Forbis said from the north bank of Rock Creek, about 75 yards west of Nashville Highway, downstream from where the road crosses the creek. The body was "right at the surface" of the water, "but against some branches."

City Polic Detective Sgt. David Henley said the body was that of a white male. The man was floating in the creek. A boat was used in the recovery of the body. The victim could not be positively identified on scene.

It would also appear that the individual was an adult, but again, when Forbis spoke, he could not be sure.

Additional information about the deceased was anticipated after the next of kin were notified.

There have been two well-publicized missing person cases in recent weeks that have occupied local law enforcement officials, first responders and volunteers.

One is David Dickinson, 49, who'd been traveling with his wife, Tammy, and their children from one revival to another. Dickinson has been missing since Sept. 26 when he stepped out of his travel trailer to take a morning walk. He was the evangelist preaching at New Life Family Tabernacle on Fox Lane just the day before that Monday.

The other is Thomas Johnson, 54, a dairyman who'd been working on his brother's farm near Lewisburg's Ellington Airport in the Berlin Community around Franklin Pike. His brother, Carl, has said Thomas had taken off before and was later found to have been staying with associates in Columbia.

Meanwhile, the Marshall County Tribune has learned that there's another male who's been missing, possibly since Saturday night. People close to that situation were reluctant to speak openly, but it was clear that they were concerned. A relative said he hopes that if the young man is not the individual who was found in the creek, then he could call his relatives.

Police were alerted of the body in Rock Creek at about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Forbis said. Henley said the individual who found the body did so at about 4:15 p.m.

People were walking along the creek and saw something that, at first, appeared to be an animal, but then was clearly that of a person, Forbis said.

Henley said a boat was used in the recovery of the body.