Fagan issuing photo IDs for voters

Friday, October 14, 2011

From staff reports

Marshall County Clerk Daphne Fagan says she's partnered with the Depart-ment of Safety and Home-land Security to make more outlets available for registered voters to get photo driver licenses for voting purposes.

Under a new state law, starting in 2012 voters will have to show a state or federal issued photo ID to cast a ballot at the polls in Tennessee.

Safety and Homeland Security Commissioner Bill Gibbons says Fagan is one of 30 county clerks in the state who agreed to issue photo driver licenses at no charge to registered voters who currently have non-photo driver licenses.

Fagan previously partnered with the department and also issues renewal and replacement driver licenses and identification cards to Tennessee residents. Under the new agreement, Fagan will forgo the $4 service fee normally paid to Marshall County for providing this service.

Fagan and the 29 other county clerks have agreed to provide this service starting Oct. 17 and will continue through March 12, a week after the presidential primary election.

The Secretary of State's office reports there are approximately 126,000 registered voters who have non-photo driver licenses in Tennessee. Drivers age 60 or older may choose to get a non-photo driver license in Tennessee.

"We very much appreciate Daphne Fagan and her willingness to help the voters of Tennessee. This partnership greatly increases the number of locations where registered voters may get photos added to their driver licenses," Commissioner Gibbons said.

"I am very glad we are able to offer this additional service to our county residents" said Fagan.

Of the 30 counties where clerks have agreed to provide this service, 21 are in counties without state Driver Service Centers. Marshall County is one of those counties without a state Driver Service Center.