Enough of separation of church and state

Friday, October 28, 2011

Thank you Jesus for giving me a forum where I can voice my opinion.

I just read another, of many articles where the headline starts out, Atheist Group Tries to Stop Prayers at High School Football Games.

Separation of church and state is a vague law that is overused by the Freedom from Religion Foundation. I believe their goal is nothing more than to look for reasons to get headlines to promote their foundation.

My two grandsons play many sports and before every football game the coaches have a team prayer before and after the game, and sometimes, one of the players will volunteer to say a prayer. It is comforting to see coaches teaching more than just the game. To me, they are building character in our youth and Lord, I pray, I never see the day their prayers will have to stop because of one person contesting it.

Last Sunday it was heartwarming to see Tim Tebow go to his knee after the last tick of the clock and a win for the Broncos. I'm sure he was giving God all the glory for the win.

Tebow is an inspiration to our youth, a role model in every sense. God bless him for showing us, all through his football career, praising God comes first.

It is heart breaking to read headlines where Christianity is under attack. Lord I pray, that someday, someone will throw that law out and we can be comfortable bringing Jesus back in our schools and work place.