Forrest has new advisory council

Wednesday, November 2, 2011
Front Row, from left, Brooks Lamb, Pater Pruitt, Ronald Osborne, Alec Thornton, and J.R. King; back row, Alison Perivolaris, Caitlin Marino, Courtney Hobby, Rachel Whaley, and Emily Edwards.

High achieving schools all possess similar characteristics. Successful schools emphasize academics for both college-bound and vocational-bound students, recognize the importance of caring for the whole child and his circumstance, and encourage involvement by all stakeholders. Parents and community members are encouraged to participate in school events and are welcomed into the school building. Teachers are respected and expected to continually improve their teaching skills. Support staff members are valued in the efficient running of the school. Students feel ownership in the school and have input into the running of the school.

In an effort to ensure that students had a voice, Forrest High School principal Danny Morgan formed a Student Advisory Council at the beginning of the 2011-2012 school year. The council, composed of 10 students, is a mixture of many diverse groups found within the school. Some are athletes, some are academically gifted, some have tremendous artistic and musical talents, some are college bound, some plan to go into the work force after graduation, and some do not belong to any particular group. Council members meet monthly with principal Morgan to discuss issues that effect Forrest's students and to seek solutions to problems that may arise.

Since school began, council members have been asked to evaluate the procedures for starting the school year and to submit recommendations for improving the transition from the end of summer vacation to the beginning of the school year. The students have brainstormed ways in which students can be motivated to get better grades, improve school attendance, and better participate in club activities. In the coming months the council will study the problem of bullying in schools and council members will develop strategies for dealing with this problem.

Members of Forrest's Student Advisory Council are seniors Rachel Whaley, Paten Pruitt, Ronald Osborne, and Courtney Hobby; juniors Brooks Lamb and Caitlin Marino; sophomores, Alec Thornton and Emily Edwards; and freshmen, J.R. King and Alison Perivolaris.