Patricia Morgan honored by Lewisburg Gas Department

Wednesday, November 2, 2011
Pictured, from left, are Quinn Brandon Stewart, Ronald B. McRady, Joy Harris, James Chapman, Grace Moore with the framed resolution, Tim Morgan, Misty Reese, and Al Henderson.

A luncheon to honor former General Manager the late Patricia Morgan was hosted by the Lewisburg Gas Department Board of Directors on Aug. 26. Current Gas Board members are Chairman James Chapman, Al Henderson, and Ronald B. McRady. The luncheon was held in the auditorium of the Lewisburg Gas Department on Ellington Parkway and was catered by the Starlight Café. In attendance were Mrs. Morgan's family: mother Grace Moore, sister Joy Harris, daughter Misty Reese, and son Tim Morgan.

New General Manager Leroy Mullis introduced Quinn Brandon Stewart, who previously served on the LGD Board and is currently their legal counsel. Quinn talked about Mrs. Morgan's career, starting as a part-time employee in March 1984. As her responsibilities grew, she became a full-time employee. In 1993, she was appointed Interim Manager and was given her first contract as Manager from the Gas Board in 1995. She served as General Manager from May 1, 1995 to June 15, 2011.

Ronald B. McRady then read a special resolution highlighting some of Patricia Morgan's accomplishments. The Special Resolution was placed in the minutes of the Gas Board and framed copies were presented to family members and to Leroy Mullis for the Lewisburg Gas Department. Others in attendance were: employees of the Lewisburg Gas Department, Tennessee Gas Association Executive Board members, City Manager David Orr, Judge Roger Brandon, and other business associates.

Excerpt from Resolution

"Patricia Kay Morgan did give outstanding leadership to the Gas Department during which time the Department did grow in service by expanding a Gate Station in the Lewisburg Industrial Park and a Gate Station in the Lewisburg Business Park.

She did give endless energy in the pursuit of the development, and the implementation of the Operator Qualification Program for the Department. She did bring strong belief in education and safety to the Department and to the technicians in the field.

The LGD Board wishes to go on record in expressing deepest gratitude for Mrs. Morgan's unselfish service to the Gas Department, and to express gratitude for high principles which governed her personal and professional conduct, for her honesty, integrity and unselfish service for the Department and the Tennessee Gas Association and applaud her for her special leadership; and commend her activity in other State, Community, Church and Civic affairs."