Public Record

Friday, November 11, 2011

Marriage licenses

John Chandler Anderson and Lindsay Brooke Hill Hale; William Andrew Binkley and Amanda Michelle Dalton Newcomb; Adam Cole Hayes and Peggy Sue Lamar Fay; Brian Mitchell Staggs and Leann Defarris Woods; Bobby Lee Tidwell Jr. and Amanda Christina Acey; Dwayne Warren Wanner and Leah Anna Fentress.

Business listings

Highways Inc, 1623 Galleria Blvd, Brentwood, TN 37027.

Land transfers

Earl Harris S/D, Section 4, Lots 4 and 8, $12,500, District 1, from Kimberly Ann Zimmerle to William C. and Virginia J. Wright; Highland Avenue, 1 acre, $20,500, District 1, from Ralph J. Astarita to Frankie B. Jones; Osteen Lane, $0, District 1, from Annie M. Phillips and Christine M. Alexander Estate to Rachel M. Kerstein; River Road, $33,000, District 1, from Margaret S. and Michael A. Bruce Jr. to Kenton N. and Lucinda J. Holt; Bank of Lincoln County Addition, Lot A, 1.40 acres, $15,000, District 1, from Gerry Snoddy to Bank of Lincoln County; Peyton Summitt Addition, Lot 4 PO, 0.37 acre, $20,000, District 3, from Larry D. and Jo Anne Smith to Diana and Charles R. Williams Sr.; Silver Creek S/D, Lot 1, $78,000, District 3, from Kevin J. and Jessica R. Miller to Kenneth M. Ring; Coleman Street, Martin Avenue, Coleman Heights S/D, Lots 12 PO, 13, and 14, $132,500, District 3, from William S. L. Wilson to Cynthia D. and Bobby L. Martin Sr.; Forrest Hill S/D, Section 7, Lots 16 and 17, $65,000, District 3, from Kristopher R. Kreuzer to Mary T. Kreuzer; Franklin Highland S/D, Lots 9, 10, 11, and 12, $10,000, District 3, from Susan H. and Thomas R. Brown Jr. to Linda Sue Lentz;

Murray Hill Addition, Lots 76 PO and 77 PO, $26,500, District 3, from Jerry Garrard to Jimmy and Ruby Calahan; Dale A. Loy Survey, Lot 1, 50.58 acres, $141,624, District 3, from Dale A. and Sharon A. Loy to Archie and Hilda Lyon; Blue Smith Road, 121.65 acres, $285,000, District 5, from Loy E. and Maria C. Woodruff to Ebenezer Farms LLC;

Fitzpatrick S/D, 1.52 acres, $62,384.64, District 7, from Mike A. Morton to US Bank NA TR and Manufactured Housing Contract; Hearthstone S/D, Lot 24, $62,000, from Fannie Mae aka Federal National Mortgage Association to James R. Haley; Coleman Heights Addition, Lot 19, $34,900, from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Joe B. and Billy D. Thompson; Lincoln Park S/D, Lot 80, $31,703, from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Joe B. and Billy D. Thompson.