Woodward returns to P-burg City Hall

Friday, November 18, 2011

From staff reports

PETERSBURG - The town's Board of Mayor and Aldermen on Monday appointed a former mayor to serve the unexpired portion of an alderman who's moved to Fayetteville.

Barbara Woodward succeeds Allen Moorehead who's now a deputy working for Lincoln County Sheriff Murray Blackwell. Moorehead was also a Petersburg policeman. Woodward served as interim mayor for eight months after Richard Fulger died in 2004.

When asked to serve again, Woodard did not hesitate to return to the town board.

"I love my town and I was ready to go at it," she said.

Moorehead was elected to a two-year term, so Woodward anticipates being in office at least one year since city elections were about a year ago.

"The terms roll over so there won't be a new board all the time," she said.

She acknowledged the fact that if she runs in the city's November 2012 election, that will be when President Barack Obama will be running for re-election, so she would, in some sense, be on the same ballot with the president.

So does she feel as though she can get re-elected?

"I don't know," Woodward said, tongue-in-cheek. "Obama might beat me."

Meanwhile, she's not decided for or against running for election.

"I'll just feel it out when the time comes," she said.

Woodward is known in Petersburg as the lady who decorates the town square.

"That's just my little thing," she said. "In the spring, I'll see that petunias are put out."

For Christmas, she said, "I'll be putting the red bows up and the cedar. I just do whatever and that will be whatever."

She's worked 18 years at the Jonathan Logan suit factory and then at Teledyne in Lewisburg. She retired from Teledyne.

"I have lived here all my life," Woodward said.

She has a daughter and two grandchildren.