Accused crack dealer wanted by sheriff

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Marshall County Sheriff's Department is looking for a man accused of dealing crack cocaine and selling a substance that looks like cocaine, but is not a drug.

"We're looking for a guy named Jamie Perryman, a black male, 6-foot tall, weighing 165 pounds whose date of birth is Feb. 18, 1991," Sheriff Norman Dalton said Tuesday morning.

Perryman has brown eyes and black hair, Dalton said.

"Jamie Perryman is on the run," and law enforcement agencies want to take him into custody on drug charges, the sheriff said.

He is wanted for two counts of sale of a controlled substance, crack cocaine, and a charge of selling a counterfeit substance, Dalton said.

The charge of charge of selling a counterfeit substance occurs when someone sells something similar to but not exactly like an illegal drug such as selling baby powder as if it was cocaine.