Marshall County's unemployment rate down to 13.2 percent

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Marshall County's unemployment rate continues to go down, but it's still well into double-digit figures, meaning it's higher than state and national rates.

The unemployment rate went down from 13.9 percent in September to 13.2 percent in October, according to a state report issued on Wednesday afternoon.

Unemployment was 15 percent here in October 2010, meaning one out of every six or seven people was looking for work. It's now one out of every seven or eight people.

Meanwhile, labor force figures are different, thereby affecting the percentages.

There were 12,240 people in the workforce in October. That's down from 12,340 in September.

Of those 10,630 with a job in October, there were 1,610 without a job. During September 10,620 people had a job and 1,720 were unemployed.

Statewide, unemployment rates for October show that the rate increased in one county, decreased in 92 counties, and two counties remained the same.

Tennessee's unemployment rate for October fell to 9.6 percent, down from the September revised rate of 9.8. The national unemployment rate for October 2011 was 9.0 percent, a decrease of 0.1 percentage point from the September rate.

Lincoln County registered the state's lowest county unemployment rate at 5.8 percent, down from the September rate of 6.6 percent, followed by Williamson County at 6.3 percent, down from 7.0 percent. Scott County had the state's highest unemployment rate at 18.1 percent, down from 19.5 percent in the previous month, followed by Obion County at 15.6, down from 16.9 percent in September.

Davidson County's October unemployment rate was 7.8 percent, down from 8.7 percent in September.