Man who shot at police indicted

Friday, December 2, 2011

By Karen Hall

Staff Writer

A Lewisburg man who fired a rifle at lawmen in July was indicted by the grand jury when it met Nov. 23.

Roy Edward Overcast Jr., 70, of Old Belfast Road, was charged with attempted criminal homicide, aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, and resisting arrest.

Sheriff's Department deputies arrived at 2027 Old Belfast Road about 11 p.m. July 29, in response to a call from Overcast's son, Phillip Wayne Overcast, who said his father was shooting at the shop where he was working on a car. Deputies found Roy Overcast on the porch of a cabin, armed with a 30-30 rifle that he fired at them, hitting Deputy Matt Owens' patrol car in three places. Roy Overcast refused to put down the gun and was eventually subdued by Capt. Bart Fagan, using a Taser.

Roy Overcast has remained jailed, unable to make a $500,000 bond. He was represented by Lewisburg attorney Bill Haywood, but Haywood petitioned the court to be allowed to withdraw from the case, citing disagreement on "the critical path of defense of this matter."

Haywood's request was granted, and when Roy Overcast was arraigned, Circuit Court Judge Robert Crigler appointed the Public Defender's Office to represent him.

Also indicted at the grand jury's November session:

* Jason Lee Fisher, 30, of Chapel Hill, was charged with multiple counts of aggravated burglary and theft over $1,000. Fisher allegedly robbed a series of homes near Chapel Hill in September and October. The victims were Fisher's neighbors, since he was renting an apartment in a house on Woodbridge Road, where the burglaries took place.

According to Sheriff's Capt. Bob Johnson, Fisher's method was to break in through a window or door and ransack the home, looking for valuables. He stole jewelry, coins, cash, and electronics, but he also took clothes, shoes, boots and camping equipment.

"I guess he knew their schedules because he lived right there amongst them," Johnson said.

* Kimberly W. Wentzel, 49, of Cornersville, was charged with seven counts of prescription fraud and three counts of identity theft. In March and again in June, Wentzel is alleged to have filled prescriptions for Xanax, Lortab, and Phentermine, falsely using a doctor's name and DEA number. The prescriptions were filled at Fred's Pharmacy and at Kroger.

Wentzel was not arraigned because she did not have a lawyer with her. Crigler gave her until Dec. 21 to hire a lawyer and return to court with legal representation.

* Crystal J. Baugh-Hamler, 20, of 7th Avenue, was charged with neglect of elderly and impaired adults, more commonly known as "elder abuse." According to her case file, Hamler was employed by Independent Opportunities Inc. to act as a caregiver to the victim. On July 26, she is alleged to have "deprived him of services necessary to maintain his health and welfare."

* Wayne Hampton Jr., 45, of College Street, was charged with sale and delivery of crack cocaine in March and April. The case file indicates Hampton is also known as "June-B."

* Joshua Lee Rich, 21, of 2nd Avenue South, was charged with driving under the influence, hit and run, and underage consumption. According to the report by Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper James D. Crump, Rich crashed on Spring Place Road in the early hours of May 10, and one of his passengers was injured. Rich allegedly hid until someone told him, "the police are gone," at which point he came out and was arrested by Crump. It was less than two weeks before his 21st birthday.

* David Blount, 20, 5th Avenue North, was charged with burglary because he took a $20 bill and some medications from a Dodge van parked on West Church Street, Lewisburg. "He did enter the vehicle with the intent to commit theft," wrote Lewisburg Police Officer Kevin Clark on the warrant.

Indictment does not mean a person is guilty. That's determined by a trial or by a guilty plea.