Dogs available for adoption at the Lewisburg Animal Shelter

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Special to The Tribune

Many dogs are available for adoption through the Lewisburg Animal Shelter.

Many of these beautiful, playful dogs are set to be euthanized this morning, Wednesday, Dec. 14. Please spread the word to your friends, co-workers and family about these pups.

Although we usually have some beautiful pit bull terrier mixes, the Marshall County Animal Control Board has ruled that any dog deemed to be a pit bull is not allowed to be adopted to anyone in Marshall County. Please let your friends and rescue groups outside Marshall County know about these dogs to help save their lives.

The Lewisburg Animal Shelter is raising money to renovate the back of the shelter to enclose it from the elements, and to make more room for the dogs. The need is very urgent now that winter has set in.

You can make a difference. Please help the shelter with any amount you can spare. Even $5 helps. There is a ChipIn account where you can make a direct donation using PayPal or a credit card. The online ChipIn account may be found at

You may also mail or drop a check off made out to "Lewisburg Animal Shelter," at the shelter. It is located at 300 Woodside Drive, Lewisburg, TN 37091. Be sure the check notes that the funds are for the renovation.

A donation in someone's name would be a thoughtful Christmas gift for someone who loves animals.

This is also a great opportunity for a company or business to make a major impact on the lives of Marshall County's homeless, abused, neglected, and abandoned animals for years to come.

All of the following dogs are listed for euthanization on Dec. 14. They are fully sponsored, so there is no adoption fee!

* Sandy - Female shepherd/Lab mix. She's chestnut brown with white toes and has a beautiful shepherd-shaped face. Looks to be very intelligent and attentive.

* Hitch Hiker - She is a cute pit bull mix who is black with white stockings on her front legs.

* Pretty Girl - This striking girl is a pit bull mix who sports a fabulous white and black sleek coat. She will be quite the star when she is given the love and care she needs.

* Happy - They named this small shepherd/black and tan hound mix correctly. He smiles all the time. He's black and tan with the classic tan dots over his eyes, the black Zorro mask and white toes.

* Howie - This pit bull mix fellow has an expressive face, pink nose and is brown and white. He needs a home without cats. Come see this fine pittie and help save his life.

The following dogs are listed for euthanization on Dec. 21.

* Smokey - Cream-colored gorgeous fellow. This big boy looks like he is either a white German shepherd or husky mix. He will be stunning when he is groomed. Fully sponsored.

* Jane - senior hound/basset mix. Sweet girl with a gray muzzle and big, brown eyes. She has obviously been overbred and needs some real love and care. Help her live out the rest of her life with love and comfort. Fully sponsored.

* Crystal - Darling white and tan hound mix. She is scared witless in the shelter and needs to be rescued ASAP. Fully sponsored.

* Lily - Young white and tan speckled pup. She has two sisters and they all look like Australian cattle dogs or heeler mixes. Adorable! Heelers are known for being smart.

* Samantha - Lily's sister. White and speckled all over with tan/red. Looks like an Australian cattle dog or heeler mix.

* Shonda - One of the three, young Australian cattle dog or heeler mixes. She is cute as a button.

In addition to the dogs listed, new dogs come into the shelter almost daily.

This list may change as dogs are adopted or rescued. Contact the shelter immediately if you're interested in one of these dogs or if you know someone who is missing one of these dogs.

The holidays are coming, which means people are very busy. This puts these dogs at greater risk to be euthanized due to no interest and over crowding at the shelter. Please take a moment and share the information about them during these holidays.

The adoption fee is $71, which covers the dog's first vaccinations and their spay or neuter at a local veterinarian.

You may see the current adoptable dogs on the Lewisburg Animal Shelter's website at . The shelter is located at 300 Woodside Drive, Lewisburg. Telephone 359-5948.

Remember - if you've lost a dog, please check the shelter immediately. They can't keep a dog for a long time, so your family pet may be euthanized if you wait too long.