Six-Generation table

Friday, December 23, 2011

Eighty-year-old Lewis Simmons of Lewisburg, formerly of Petersburg, is pictured refinishing a six-generation table that Tommy Reavis and Julie Reavis Murdock discovered in the shop of their father Steve Reavis (1943-2009).

It was made by John William Marsh (1835-1923) who lived on what is now Gingerbread Road, southeast of Petersburg, in the 1800s. He gave it to his daughter, Mary Tennessee Marsh Reavis (1877-1973), who in turn gave it to her son, Grady Wilson Reavis (1913-1984). In 1970 Grady moved to Lewisburg and left the table in the farmhouse that Steve Reavis bought and where Tommy and Julie were raised. Tommy, Shanna and son Jesse still live on the family farm. Julie is married to Tim Murdock and has three children, Landry, Ella and Neyland. They live at the edge of Marshall County.