Public Record

Friday, December 23, 2011

Marriage licenses

Harold Thomas Carothers Sr. and Vicki L. Kincaid; Houston Jared Love and Jessica Diane Tenpenny; Thomas Eugene Lunn and Vickie Denise Holt Crutcher; Jesse Carl Whittaker and Judy Lynn Thomason Bassham.

Business listings

Augie's Signs and Designs, 523 Belfast Street, Lewisburg, TN 37091, owner: Scott R. August.

Land transfers

Azalee Farms, Lot 4, $250,000, District 1, from Allen and Teresa Beiriger to Erin W. and Sydney L. Brown; Earl Harris S/D, Section 4, Lots 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8, and Kimberly Court, 5.06 acres, $312,500, District 1, from Kimberly A. and Isaac Zimmerle to Robert G. and Jennifer R. Bowyer; Tract, $119,000, District 2, from Timothy C. Haines to Carl A. and Carol K. Hammons; Moonlight Hill S/D, Section 4, Lot 40, $136,800, District 3, from Heather K. Holt and Nancy K. Upchurch to Amanda N. Smith; Verona Road, 7.9 acres, $30,000, District 3, from James G. and Shelia A. Rutledge co-conservators and Velma L. Sanders to Gregory F. Cameron and Laura Lama; Lowrance Estate Survey, 20.93 acres, $46,046, District 4, from Tommy Higdon, Michael M. Boyd administrator, Joseph R. and Charles S. Lowrance, Brenda Lowrance Upton, and Harlan Wayne Lowrance Estate to Seth and Vanessa Warf; Franklin Pike, 276.38 acres, $575,000, from Ed Moody Ind & Atty in Fact and Trudy Moody to Bob and Cherie Beene; Main Street, $0, from Kim Zimmerle to First Commerce Bank; Castano Park, Lot 33, from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Joe B. and Billy D. Thompson; Azalee Acres, Section 2, Lot 31, from Jeffery E. and Kristi G. Barron to John P. and Ada P. Law;

Larry Mackrella Addition 2, Lot 2, 5.32 acres, $157,500, from Federal National Mortgage Association to Robert W. and Tracy M. Brooksher.