Buildings' ups, downs are on-going challenge

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

From staff reports

As the saying goes when one door closes, another opens.

Well, this winter on Lewisburg's public square, the north side is cool in the Marshall County Community Theatre because, according to one of the play's producers, two heat exchangers failed late last year.

Meanwhile, the east side of the square has a new business in a traditional building where area residents have been making their bodies work up some body heat with Zumba, an exercise system based on Latin dance steps.

Zumba has become popular at the Chapel Hill Community Center where participants, and an instructor here, say other international dancing for a flat abdomen includes belly dancing.

In related developments, there's been a return of the historic marker proclaiming the southeast corner of the square as one of the locations for James K. Polk's law office between the time he was governor and president, 1841-1844.

For details on these developments about Lewisburg's public square see our stories inside this edition of the Marshall County Tribune.

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