Council set to talk about trash, collection

Friday, January 6, 2012

From staff reports

When they meet Tuesday night, Lewisburg councilmen are returning to a couple of unresolved issues - garbage and false alarms.

Allied Waste, the company with Middle Point Sanitary Landfill just north of Murfreesboro, has a contract with the city here to collect household rubbish left in trash carts provided by the company.

Residents have complained about collection services, including where and how the carts are left by the pneumatic arms and claws of the garbage truck operators.

The private service was hired just before Cedar Ridge Landfill was closed by Waste Management Inc. when it was unclear whether that company would get a permit to expand. If it didn't, the landfill would have to have been closed. The state granted the permit, and recently officials have expressed an interest in when a deadline would pass to end the threat of another legal challenge.

Meanwhile, Fire Chief Larry Williams has said his department has had unnecessary increased costs from fire alarms sounded by malfunctioning security systems. Williams sought cooperation in recent months, having made a public appeal for building operators to make sure their security systems were working properly.

The concern was raised during a daylong workshop for councilmen last year when they met at Henry Horton State Park. Last month, Williams asked the council for an ordinance that could result in civil penalties against building owners and operators who fail to prevent false alarms.

Also set for the 6 p.m. meeting on Jan. 10 in City Hall are:

* Consideration for a date to hold a work session pertaining to policy issues;

* Adoption of revised rules for city-owned cemeteries so that the time for flowers and other decorations might be longer before and after Mother's Day; and,

* Consideration of a recommendation to rename the Ladies Restroom to the Historic First Avenue Building.